Ebike-X, a sleek design without a downtube, giving it a minimalist aesthetic
A powerful and smooth driving experience thanks to its high-performance motor and long-lasting battery.

The Joieem Ebike X is an electric bike that is both stylish and technologically advanced, making it a great choice for urban riding. Its integrated intelligent system allows easy and intuitive control of the Ebike X's various functions, including speed, power and battery life. This makes it an ideal choice for cyclists who want a carefree and enjoyable riding experience.


It's perfect for commuters, recreational cyclists and anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Ebike-X allows consumers to express their individuality by customizing the electric bike with their own aesthetic.

Additionally, to enrich commuters' driving experience, JOIEEM designed the Ebike-X to support Bluetooth NFC, cycle track, multiple alarms and unlocking methods.

The APP allows commuters to choose the color and display effects, and the light belt will reflect the selected color.

“Besides the creative design, we also want to strengthen the dual communication between commuters and their Ebike-X, and that is why our e-bikes are equipped with 4G and Bluetooth,” said Alex, the founder of JOIEEM.

Joieem Ebike

application JOIEEM,

Therefore, by installing the JOIEEM app, users are free to go anywhere at any time and have seamless access to all the features of Ebike-X.

In addition to its customizable features, the Ebike-X is also equipped with advanced security features to protect against theft.

Multiple unlock options

JOIEEM EbikeX supports unlocking via 4G, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and an APP password. Choose the most convenient and safe option for your travel needs.

Leo, co-founder of JOIEEM explains that the Ebike-X supports GEO-fence alarm, a powerful feature that allows commuters to avoid theft by setting the alarm in a locked area.

In addition, the APP is always connected to the alarm, and if the wheels move or the locks are broken, alarms will sound on the phone, and the alarm lights and notifications of the electric bike will light up

Experience maximum connectivity
Master the future with 4G, Bluetooth and GPS. Multiple unlocking methods, anti-theft location and bike navigation projection. Each upgrade makes you more powerful. Let technology direct your cycling life.

tableau de bord EBIKE-X

Features :

Frame: Aluminium Alloy
Motor Power: 250W
Top Speed: 25 KPH/16MPH
Max Torque: 40 Nm
Waterproof: IPX5
Tires: 38cm Double-Layer Aluminium Alloy rims
Colour Options: Pantone 4280C & Pantone 444up
Max Payload: 150KG/23.6 Stone
Battery Capacity: 10 AH;360 Wh
Max Range: 80-100KM/50-62 Miles
100% Charge Time: 3-4 Hours
Total Bicycle Weight: 24KG


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